Comcast Business Compatible Modems: Approved Xfinity Business Docsis3.0/3.1 Cable Modems

April 12, 2021

Comcast Business-Compatible Modems: Approved Xfinity DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 Modems

Comcast is one of the largest internet and telecommunications providers in the US, which provides mobile phone, internet, and televisions service. If you plan on getting Comcast internet, consider whether you want to use the hardware they offer or if you want to purchase your own hardware on the side.

We are talking about modems, specifically, whether or not you should use a Comcast modem.

Today's primary goal is to determine whether it is better to use your own modem (third-party) and compatible.

Remember, not all modems are compatible with all internet providers, something you don’t want to discover when you’re attempting to set things up. Let’s get to it and determine which are the best Comcast Business-compatible modems.

Comcast & Xfinity – Clearing Up Confusion

When you look up Comcast internet in a search engine, you will see Xfinity internet. Comcast created Xfinity, a consumer-oriented brand that provides customers with internet and television services. To be clear, Xfinity is owned by Comcast, which is the parent company.

However, things get even more confusing because Xfinity is only for residential internet services. For business, the internet is called Comcast Business Internet. Why the business-oriented internet service kept Comcast in its name and why the residential internet was called Xfinity is beyond us, but this is how it is.

Therefore, just to be clear, we are looking for the best modems for Comcast Business Internet for businesses, not Xfinity Internet for residential services. These are two very different things, and the modems that work for one may not necessarily work for the other.

Using a Comcast Modem vs. Third-Party Modems

You might be debating whether to use Comcast-provided hardware. Let’s compare the two to find out which is better for you. There are a few essential points of comparison that you need to be aware of.


If you buy your own modem, you should get one with top-notch security features. Comcast Business modems generally have excellent features to protect you and your business from malicious hackers and thieves.

However, if you buy your own modem, the security quality will be based on which modem you get. This one is really up in the air because while Comcast Business modems have good security, you can probably find better.


Another vital factor is that if you use Comcast hardware, you also benefit from Comcast software. We are not saying that Comcast software and firmware are the best in the world, but the service is good. Comcast is currently converting to IPv6, a protocol that will allow for virtually unlimited IP addresses.

Comcast software is updated with this in mind, something a third-party modem probably won’t do. Like with the security aspect, you can find modern modems that are Comcast Business Internet compatible and designed with IPv6 in mind.

Service and Support

The next thing to consider is that if you use a Comcast Business modem, the Comcast technical support team will be better able to assist you if you have difficulties.

Comcast customer support agents are most familiar with the devices provided by their own company, plus their protocols are designed for their own hardware.

If you purchase a third-party modem, while Comcast will do its best to assist you with technical support and troubleshooting, there are no guarantees.


Yet another thing to consider is modem speed. Now, it’s not like Comcast modems are bad; there are some pretty good ones. However, if you are willing to pay extra for a third-party modem, you can probably find a much faster one, along with having better features.


The other thing to consider here is the cost. A third-party modem will cost quite a bit if you want a good one. However, consider that renting your modem from Comcast is costing you X amount of dollars each month.

How long will it take for the rental cost to break even with the cost of buying a third-party device? In the long run, not having to rent or lease a modem will help save money.

Some Exceptions Apply

What is important to note is that if you are using basic Comcast Business Internet, you should have no problems using third-party hardware. However, there are some cases where you must use Comcast-provided hardware. If any of the following apply to you, then you must use a Comcast modem.

  • Internet with Static IP
  • Internet with Connection Pro
  • Internet with Smart Office
  • Internet with WIFI Pro
  • Internet with Security Edge

Something else to be aware of is that Comcast does not allow for combination routers and modems to be used with their Business Internet services.

If you plan on using third-party hardware, you will need to buy separate routers and modems.

Best Comcast Business-Compatible Modems

Now that we have covered the basics, it is time to look at the best Comcast Business-compatible modems available.

Netgear CM1000 Cable Modem

This model features a full 1 gigabit of download and transfer speed, and it features a single gigabit Ethernet port. The Netgear CM1000 Cable Modem is capable of connecting to any router. This model is also compatible with Xfinity by Comcast, COX, and Spectrum internet providers. It is also straightforward to set up.

ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Cable Modem

This is another relatively high-end modem that has more and better features than the Netgear modem reviewed above. This modem is designed to reach speeds of up to 2 Gbps (some restrictions apply).

What’s really neat is that this modem features dual gigabit ports capable of link aggregation. Keep in mind that this modem is not compatible with ATT, Verizon, Century Link, or other DSL or fiber internet providers.

Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem

If speed is what you need, this modem is a good one to consider, as it features a maximum data transfer speed of 6 Gbps. This comes with some very advanced features such as proactive network security, active queue management, and the ability to pair with virtually any router on the market.

Other Comcast Business-Compatible Modems

You can use many modems with your Comcast Business Internet; we just didn’t have the time to review each one in detail. However, we have a list of all Comcast Business-approved modems.

  • ARRIS SB6190
  • TPLINK TC-7650
  • ARRIS SB6183
  • TP-LINK TC-7620
  • ARRIS SB6141
  • TP-LINK TC-7610
  • ARRIS SB6121


The bottom line is that if you want the best internet around, you should probably looking into buying a third-party modem that is Comcast Business compatible.

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